Systematically Attempting to Define the Infinite

When I was a kid I used to try to wrap my brain around the idea of infinity. I had a strong sense there was an understanding of truth just beyond me. It only seemed reasonable to me that if anyone could, then I could know it directly. When I was 18 I had experienced… Continue reading Systematically Attempting to Define the Infinite



My indefinable consistent nature has saturated my mind thoroughly and most often I find thoughts running overtime, seeking something to hold onto, defining and redefining, I find myself nowhere in these inconsistencies and dualities. I felt intense resistance yesterday following a period of grace... actually it’s all grace. I was crying intermittently with it the… Continue reading Residuals

Transition feelings

I feel broken apart shattered. Noticing it and how these definitions do no justice at all. I have no definition but my mind wants to continuously make one out of anything. Whatever. I feel I can focus on anything and that becomes a seeming reality. Great blessings and gratitude. I try to consider, what am… Continue reading Transition feelings


I will, because I am the only one who can

Not believing in oneself has exactly the effect one would imagine. Self doubt is non-participation in unification of a goal. Non-participation is disagreeing with an agreement of God/Higher Self which is, You DO have your own will. If you doubt your own will and the power of your own will, then by definition you are… Continue reading I will, because I am the only one who can